Those who know Alma, keep wondering how she can make a world trip. She makes a big bow around everything that has more than two legs. Luckily most fish have no legs, otherwise diving wouldn’t be an option at all. Oh and if you don’t know her yet, you should also make a bow around Alma when she’s hungry. Always in need of safety and planning live in advance with an Helper’s Syndrome is history. Adventurous and travel addicted is today. The Helper’s Syndrome has remained.


Anyone who knows Sadin knows that it can’t be dangerous enough for him. It’s all about adrenaline, technique and of course diving. He could definitely live underwater. There is an issue? Not for Sadin, he solves everything in a smart way. When he hasn’t drunk any coffee or is in food coma, the rescue of the world has to wait.


not consist of gazing at
each other, 
but in looking outward together
in the same direction.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


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