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A good story needs only a good storyteller


One of the most tried-and-true forms of managment is feedback


Hi, glad you are here

Would you like to know more about us? Then we will take you on a little journey into the past.

How it all started

Do we believe in fate? Well, we believe that we as a couple would not exist without fate. After all, how else would two young trainees from Germany and Switzerland have come together? Well, via Facebook of course.

We both have the same roots. Our families are originally from Bosnia. Sadin’s parents emigrated to Switzerland, where Sadin was born, before the war. I was born in Bosnia. My family fled to Germany, where I grew up, shortly before the outbreak of the war.

When we got to know each other, we were in the middle of our vocational training. I as a speech therapist and Sadin in his first vocational training as a polymechanic. By the way, he was busy becoming a professional athlete in taekwondo.
Through some coincidences our paths crossed and our common history began in 2010.

After a romantic marriage proposal in Spain at the beach, followed by our dream wedding in September 2013, we started our common future in Switzerland. Several training courses, additional qualifications and a degree despite full-time work. The first 4 years of our marriage were marked by compromises towards us and our families and friends.

Was that all that life has to offer? We wanted more. More time for our marriage, getting stronger as a team. See more of the world and learn more from life.

It is hard to believe that Sadin had to do a lot of convincing work before we could make our first long-distance trip in autumn 2014. At that time still unimaginable for me. There was too much fear that anything might happen.

In spring 2017 we took our first break. All qualifications were successfully completed so we rewarded ourselves with a three-month break and traveled through Southeast Asia.

Back after this wonderful time it was difficult for us to get be back to our daily life. So we decided to risk it all to be free.

Here we are now. At home all over the world. Since January 2019 we do what we love and share our experiences with you. Maybe our blog will inspire you for your nex trip or diving experience. That’s our motivation.

Welcome to our journey